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Premier Endodontics named Professional New Superstar




AGES: Dr. Batsevitsky, 34; Dr. Jones, 33

CITY: Waltham, MA

SPECIALTY: Endodontics

NAME OF PRACTICE: Premier Endodontics

EDUCATION: DMD, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (both)

WHY THEY WERE NOMINATED: Drs. Batsevitsky and Jones have been friends since they met in dental residency at Tufts, and a friendly, approachable attitude resonates throughout their practice. “We’re regular, down-to-earth girls who just happen to love doing root canals,” Dr. Jones says.

“We let our patients see our personalities, not just our white doctors’ coats.”

FAVORITE ASPECT OF DENTISTRY: “It’s art blended with science, and we’re taking somebody out of pain,” Dr. Batsevitsky says.

PHILOSOPHY: “I’m whatever dentist my patient needs me to be, because we want to give every patient the experience that is best suited for them,” Dr. Jones says.

EXCITING NEW TREND: Microsurgical apicoectomies.

SOMETHING PEOPLE DON’T KNOW: Dr. Jones was once a broadcast journalist at her local Fox affiliate. “I wanted to be Diane Sawyer,” she jokes, “but I realized that industry wasn’t going to be a good fit long-term.” Dr. Batsevitsky competed as a rhythmic gymnast in her native Ukraine when she was just 4 years old before leaving with her parents for the United States in 1989. She still remembers her last competition in Chernovtsy. “Now I do Bikram yoga,” she says.

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