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WALTHAM | 271 Waverley Oaks Road, Suite 101, Waltham, MA 02452 |
CONCORD | 290 Baker Ave, Suite 105 South, Concord, MA 01742 |

I want to thank you so much for the amazing job you did on my root canal on Friday. I was not looking forward to it, having had a bad experience in the past… but you took the time to listen to me and my concerns and that meant so much.

The entire procedure was pain free and you were able to finish it in one hour! You are a kind and caring person and I would recommend you to anyone needing your expertise.

Highly recommend this practice. Dr. Molgaard and Dr. Jones went the extra mile to diagnose and treat some bizarre and debilitating nerve pain I was having. They’re technically skilled and yet they also have fantastic chairside manner. They take the time to explain as well as to listen. Definitely worth the drive from Boston.

Hooray for Dr. Jones and team! I can’t thank each of you enough for your thoughtful care and special attention in your various areas of expertise which blends into a wonderful team effort for those of us coming through the door as a patient.

Dr Jones, You are a true gift! Genuinely caring, taking time for my questions to be fully answered AND taking time to fully numb me so no pain. Unbelievable, particularly having two at once! Yippeeeeee!

Thank you for providing such great care to our patients.

I wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I am with Dr. Jones’ work on my root canal. She is an absolute artist.

Not only was the work itself efficient and painless, but the post-procedure recovery was excellent. With just one dose of acetaminophen after the work, I had only slight soreness that day from the Novocaine injection points, and no discomfort whatsoever at any time after that. No further analgesics were needed, and the tooth behaved itself. Dr. Pellegrini at Mondovi has now prepared the tooth for the final crown, and all is in excellent shape.

Thank you all, and especially Dr. Jones, for consistently excellent work, an attentive and caring attitude, and generally being outstanding.

Elizabeth Jones is the best endodontist with golden hands. If she says – there won’t be any pain- you can trust her 100%! Highly recommend

I had just short of 3 months of some tooth pain and Dr. Jones really helped to put my mind at ease and walk me through the entire root canal process. She was optimistic and positive– which is so helpful when dealing with tooth pain. She does amazing work and explains every step of the process. I don’t think there is a more perfect combo of skill and personality for an endodontist. There are endodonists in my area, but I drove over an hour each way because, when you are dealing with something like a root canal, you want to go to the best.

Being treated by Dr. Jones has been an excellent choice for me. She made what would have otherwise been an anxiety filled experience not be so. I needed follow care and she was responsive to my needs. She went so far as to contact me on a Sunday after I texted her about my concerns. All my issues were prompt resolved the following Monday morning. I highly recommend Dr Jones.

Dr. Jones was fantastic. I’ve had several root canals over the years and she was able to do it totally pain free!!! What an excellent doctor she is! Wonderful person, terrific experience.

I would give 100 stars if I could.

I have moved around a lot for work and have seen many different dentists, but NOBODY can compare to Dr. Jones. My nerves were high and I had a toothache that was 9/10 on the pain scale. From the moment I walked in the assistant was so nice and caring and let me know she was there for me and explained everything nice and thorough. When I met Dr. Jones, within two minutes I felt safe in her hands and my anxiety started to ease by the minute. She let me know her practice may not be able to fix my problem, but she was going to show the other two dentists in the practice my X-rays and would get back to me asap. She let me know right away I would absolutely not be in this pain over the weekend and prescribed me antibiotics and medication and said she would call me after the meeting with her colleagues and go over my options. Again- the more she talked, listened, and consoled me the better I felt. I have never met anyone, dentist Or otherwise, so calm and compassionate. My only complaint is that she isn’t a general dentist and I can’t see her more often.

She even gave me her cellphone number to let her know if I was still in any pain. WHO DOES THAT?

If you’re a nervous nelly like me, want honest and compassionate care, look no further.

Thank you Dr. Jones, you’re truly an angel.

I am a huge baby when it comes to any dental work. Dr. Jones is amazing. Gentle, funny, caring. Truly the best. She just told me about seeing Brian Wilson at Tanglewood to distract me. The BEST!

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