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Plain and simple: if you have to get a root canal, Premier Endodontics is the place to go and Dr. Jones is the doctor to see. From the consultation through the actual root canal, she was kind, enthusiastic, gentle and informative. She explained everything that she was doing and ensured me that I would feel no pain and, believe it or not, I didn’t!

Dr. Jones genuinely cares about her job and her patients and it shows from beginning to end. I hope to never need a root canal again (knock on wood) but if I do, I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Premier Endodontics and be seen by Dr. Jones.

Highly recommended. Very professional. She completed root canal for two teeth. Perfect experience.

Being treated by Dr. Jones has been an excellent choice for me. She made what would have otherwise been an anxiety filled experience not be so. I needed follow care and she was responsive to my needs. She went so far as to contact me on a Sunday after I texted her about my concerns. All my issues were prompt resolved the following Monday morning.
I highly recommend Dr Jones.

I wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I am with Dr. Jones’ work on my root canal. She is an absolute artist.

Dr Jones, You are a true gift! Genuinely caring, taking time for my questions to be fully answered AND taking time to fully numb me so no pain. Unbelievable, particularly having two at once! Yippeeeeee!

My experience with Premier Endodontics was nothing short of exceptional. I was referred to them for a root canal but after an extensive examination by D.M.D Shraya Sharma she was able to determine my pain was coming from another tooth that had a sever crack, the tooth was unsavable. After multiple x-rays and an in-depth consultation D.M.D Shraya explained I was experiencing referred pain from the cracked tooth. She advised against a root canal/ what was determined to be a healthy tooth and instead to extract the damaged tooth below. Both D.M.D Shraya and her receptionist Lorell assisted me with finding an in-network oral surgent to remove the tooth that same day. Lorell, was extremely helpful with locating an oral surgent within my dental network and faxed over all the necessary documentation. I highly recommend Premier Endodontics for both their professionalism and their care for their patients.

“Hi Dr. Jones!! Omg so are you ready for this “is this normal” question? Since the lidocaine wore off yesterday, I have literally had zero pain, zero soreness, zero tenderness, my tooth feels solid as a rock (it used to feel a little loose before the retreatment), and my swelling is almost completely gone!

You are seriously an endodontic wizard. I cannot thank you enough for everything. I feel totally awesome.

You’re the coolest! I am so happy I decided to get this done with you. Don’t tell anyone this, but I think I might have actually had a little fun.”

I just had my root canal procedure done here and the service was absolutely wonderful. They found an opening for me that fit my schedule and Dr. Batsevitsky walked me through every process. My teeth are quite sensitive and Dr. Batsevitsky took that into account and made sure I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend Premier Endodontics to anyone who needs a root canal treatment. 10/10

I needed an emergency root canal 2 days before Christmas and was referred to her office. I was in excruciating pain and she quickly identified the source and numbed my pain away while she did her work. She explained everything, had a sense of humor and had a great “chairside manner.” Even though she was leaving that night for the holiday, she gave me her cell phone to text to let her know how I was doing. Very pleased with the treatment.

I’m so grateful to Dr. Bella and Dr. Jones for making my treatment painless and fast. Assistants and staff are amazingly kind and accomodating. The dental office is so pleasant (Great music)…. Dr. Bella has a good sense of humor. Thank you very much for your service!!!

Dr. Devon Ptak was amazing! Like most, I have an extremely irrational fear of going to the Dentist, let alone getting a root canal done. My two visits to Dr. Ptak were painless and easy and I definitely recommend her for any endodontic work you need to get done.

Dr B. was amazing! Very diligent, very patient and empathetic. I hope I won’t need to go back again but if I do need such a treatment – this is the place.

I had an AWESOME root canal with Dr. Jones! Very little residual pain and no pain during the procedure. My nervousness was replaced with calmness due to Dr. Jones’ healing energy and skill. She is a perfectionist with tremendous patient care, before, during and after. To be contacted by Dr.Jones a couple days after my procedure was reassuring and shows me how much she really cares about her patients. Thank you for the best treatment! “

I wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I am with Dr. Jones’ work on my root canal. She is an absolute artist.

Not only was the work itself efficient and painless, but the post-procedure recovery was excellent. With just one dose of acetaminophen after the work, I had only slight soreness that day from the Novocaine injection points, and no discomfort whatsoever at any time after that. No further analgesics were needed, and the tooth behaved itself. Dr. Pellegrini at Mondovi has now prepared the tooth for the final crown, and all is in excellent shape.

Thank you all, and especially Dr. Jones, for consistently excellent work, an attentive and caring attitude, and generally being outstanding.

I met Dr. Bella Batsevitsky for my first visit and had an absolutely PAIN FREE root canal. I was terrified going in as it was my first experience with a root canal and the entire staff was amazing. They made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process, it was so much easier than I ever imagined. Dr. Batsevitsky was so kind and reassuring. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who may need a fantastic Endodontist.

I went here for my root canal and was a bit anxious, but honestly this could not have been a more painless/easy experience. It was less pain than a filling. I saw Dr. Molgaard and she kept me informed every step of the way to tell me what she was doing/what to expect. She even followed up with me via text after to see how I was feeling!

I was in excruciating pain.  My dentist referred me as he could not see what the problem was through X-rays, etc.

Dr. Molgaard saw me and she was so great performed an emergency root canal.  I had never had the procedure before but once she identified the tooth that was causing the entire right side of my mouth to experience unrelenting pain, she numbed me and relieved the pain immediately.  The procedure was a piece of cake compared to my pain.  She explained everything, had a sense of humor and even gave me her number to follow up the next day even though she was away for the Christmas holiday.

You won’t find a better place to deal with your root canal problem.

Dr. Bella is a kind of doctor who is not only a top-level professional, she truly takes care of her patients and helps them feel comfortable in a situation that’s for most WAY out of the comfort zone.

Look no further.

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