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CONCORD | 290 Baker Ave, Suite 105 South, Concord, MA 01742 |

One of my teeth has given me quite a lot of trouble in the last six months or so, and I’m so glad my dentist referred me to Premier for the necessary dental work. Dr. Sharma is one of the nicest people and has such a calm, warm demeanor, which is a huge asset in her work. If you have to get a root canal or dental surgery, I’d highly recommend Premier. The whole team is wonderful and I think they’d be very hard to beat for quality care. I’ve been telling everyone what a breeze my root canal was at this place. You’ll be in good hands.

My experience with Premier Endodontics was nothing short of exceptional. I was referred to them for a root canal but after an extensive examination by D.M.D Shraya Sharma she was able to determine my pain was coming from another tooth that had a sever crack, the tooth was unsavable. After multiple x-rays and an in-depth consultation D.M.D Shraya explained I was experiencing referred pain from the cracked tooth. She advised against a root canal/ what was determined to be a healthy tooth and instead to extract the damaged tooth below. Both D.M.D Shraya and her receptionist Lorell assisted me with finding an in-network oral surgent to remove the tooth that same day. Lorell, was extremely helpful with locating an oral surgent within my dental network and faxed over all the necessary documentation. I highly recommend Premier Endodontics for both their professionalism and their care for their patients.

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