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Premier Endodontics named Professional New Superstar

Incisal Edge scoured the country to find the 40 best dentists age 40 and under, and then invited them to one of New York’s most historic theaters for their up-close moment. Dentistry, of course, is all about performance. Meet our profession’s new superstars. Premier Endodontics graces the cover of the Fall 2014 issue.


AGES: Dr. Batsevitsky, 34; Dr. Jones, 33

CITY: Waltham, MA

SPECIALTY: Endodontics

NAME OF PRACTICE: Premier Endodontics

EDUCATION: DMD, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (both)

WHY THEY WERE NOMINATED: Drs. Batsevitsky and Jones have been friends since they met in dental residency at Tufts, and a friendly, approachable attitude resonates throughout their practice. “We’re regular, down-to-earth girls who just happen to love doing root canals,” Dr. Jones says.

“We let our patients see our personalities, not just our white doctors’ coats.”

FAVORITE ASPECT OF DENTISTRY: “It’s art blended with science, and we’re taking somebody out of pain,” Dr. Batsevitsky says.

PHILOSOPHY: “I’m whatever dentist my patient needs me to be, because we want to give every patient the experience that is best suited for them,” Dr. Jones says.

EXCITING NEW TREND: Microsurgical apicoectomies.

SOMETHING PEOPLE DON’T KNOW: Dr. Jones was once a broadcast journalist at her local Fox affiliate. “I wanted to be Diane Sawyer,” she jokes, “but I realized that industry wasn’t going to be a good fit long-term.” Dr. Batsevitsky competed as a rhythmic gymnast in her native Ukraine when she was just 4 years old before leaving with her parents for the United States in 1989. She still remembers her last competition in Chernovtsy. “Now I do Bikram yoga,” she says.

Photo shoot

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