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Elizabeth Winkler Jones, DMDDiplomate of the American Board of Endodontics

Dr. Elizabeth Jones was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston. As the daughter of an endodontist, she spent many hours in her father’s practice and saw first hand that dentistry is about more than just teeth. From an early age, Dr. Jones understood that compassionate patient care coupled with exceptional technical skills was the key to a patient’s positive experience. These are the learned lessons that she brings with her to her own practice each day.

Dr. Jones earned her BA from Providence College with honors in 2002 and graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2010. While at Tufts, she was appointed as a teaching assistant in the Emergency Department, tutored undergraduates in preclinical labs and was awarded the Clinical Award for Excellence in Endodontics in her senior year. Directly after dental school, Dr. Jones began her residency in endodontics at Tufts University. She completed the program in 2012 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Endodontics.

Dr. Jones is a member of the American Association of Endodontists. She also is also part-time clinical faculty member at Tufts University, teaching in the Post-doctoral Endodontics department. Outside of the office Dr. Jones loves to spend time with her husband, Kevin, and their children, Jake and Violet, and especially their latest addition, Lou, an adorable Australian Labradoodle.

ABE Board Certified
best dentists in Boston

Highly recommended. Very professional. She completed root canal for two teeth. Perfect experience.

Thank you for a super professional job on my visit for an endodontic procedure last week. I have had root canals before in years past. This visit was very professional and painless. Dr. Jones was totally in charge of the patient experience from start to finish and I could tell that she is a true perfectionist in her determination and expertise in getting it done in one session. I would highly recommend this practice if you need Endodontic Therapy.

I have horrible teeth. A general dentist performed the first root canal I ever had and the experience did not go so well. The filament fractured in my root canal and I had to have a root canal retreatment. I found Premier Endodontics based on their stellar reviews on google. I was so impressed. Dr. Bella B. did the root canal retreatment and was so gentle and kind. Everything was on time and I was adequately numb. Dr. Jones did my second root canal. I had the worst nerve pain in my molar due to a deep cavity under my crown. Dr. Jones was willing to see me at such short notice – the root canal took my pain down to 0/10. She explained everything she was going to do, step by step. Dr. Jones is so kind, patient, and gentle. The dental assistants (one was named Luz and I can’t remember the other one) were incredibly nice and welcoming as well. I’ll definitely be back if I need another root canal. They also give out little baggies of ibuprofen!

Dr. Jones made my first root canal experience easy and totally pain free! I was extremely nervous and Dr. Jones put me at ease immediately. She is so sweet and kind, and she explained everything so well and made sure i was comfortable every step of the way during the procedure. I can’t recommend Premier Endodontics and Dr. Jones enough! I wish I could give 10 stars!

Don’t fear root canals here – Premier Endodontics has cutting edge technology and and spa-level service. Dr. Jones is warm and skillful and instills calm and trust in her patients. Her team seems curated to inspire confidence. Your visit will be efficient and comfortable. Highest recommendations!

Hooray for Dr. Jones and team! I can’t thank each of you enough for your thoughtful care and special attention in your various areas of expertise which blends into a wonderful team effort for those of us coming through the door as a patient.

Dr. Jones is the best! I’m so impressed. I was able to get a quick appointment which was great because I was in a lot of pain. When I arrived to the office the receptionist was very nice and her and Dr. Jones greeted me when I arrived. I was so nervous, I’ve heard so many horror stories about root canals. Dr. Jones took the time to talk to me and assure me that everything would be fine. Dr. Jones told me everything she was doing before she did it and she was done before I knew it. The office is nicely decorated and VERY clean!!! I will refer family and friends here if ever in need of an endodontist.

Dr. Jones put me at ease and fixed my tooth in the most pain free way possible. I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Jones recently performed a root canal of my upper tooth; the procedure was flawless, and the experience was quite remarkable. Dr. Jones has impeccable skills; she is a born teacher as well as a superb endodontist as she explained the procedure while she worked on my tooth; this made me feel safe and secure; i.e., knowing that a gifted and compassionate person was at work. I felt no pain at all, and found Dr. Jones to be a superb doctor.

Thank you for providing such great care to our patients.

Dr. Jones and her staff provided the best extended dental service I have ever received. Dr. Jones made the experience of a two part root canal as painless and as comfortable as it could possibly be given the nature of my discomfort. She was upfront with each step from beginning to end. She consistently checked in with me to make sure I was alright. Dr. Jones’s bedside manner made the time I spent there fly by. Her approach to patients should be used as a model for all future dentists (general or specialists alike). I wasn’t just a patient on her to do list. She really tried to connect with me and ease my extensive anxiety around going to the dentist. There are not enough stars to show how good Dr. Jones and her staff are!!!!!!

Dr Jones was excellent. She explained everything thoroughly and was very pleasant. The procedure was painless.

Dr. Jones is a very knowledgeable dentist. She explains everything very thoroughly, before she does her procedure. I had a root canal, and it went great. I had no pain at all. I would go back to her any time. I recommend her to anyone. She will answer any questions you have about your procedure.

I had just short of 3 months of some tooth pain and Dr. Jones really helped to put my mind at ease and walk me through the entire root canal process. She was optimistic and positive– which is so helpful when dealing with tooth pain. She does amazing work and explains every step of the process. I don’t think there is a more perfect combo of skill and personality for an endodontist. There are endodonists in my area, but I drove over an hour each way because, when you are dealing with something like a root canal, you want to go to the best.

Highly recommend this practice. Dr. Molgaard and Dr. Jones went the extra mile to diagnose and treat some bizarre and debilitating nerve pain I was having. They’re technically skilled and yet they also have fantastic chairside manner. They take the time to explain as well as to listen. Definitely worth the drive from Boston.

I am a huge baby when it comes to any dental work. Dr. Jones is amazing. Gentle, funny, caring. Truly the best. She just told me about seeing Brian Wilson at Tanglewood to distract me. The BEST!

Being treated by Dr. Jones has been an excellent choice for me. She made what would have otherwise been an anxiety filled experience not be so. I needed follow care and she was responsive to my needs. She went so far as to contact me on a Sunday after I texted her about my concerns. All my issues were prompt resolved the following Monday morning. I highly recommend Dr Jones.

Elizabeth Jones is the best endodontist with golden hands. If she says – there won’t be any pain- you can trust her 100%! Highly recommend

I had an AWESOME root canal with Dr. Jones! Very little residual pain and no pain during the procedure. My nervousness was replaced with calmness due to Dr. Jones’ healing energy and skill. She is a perfectionist with tremendous patient care, before, during and after. To be contacted by Dr.Jones a couple days after my procedure was reassuring and shows me how much she really cares about her patients. Thank you for the best treatment! “

Here is something that you never see: a Dr texting you after your appointment to ask how you are doing and opening up that line of communication seeking your feedback. That is exactly what I received from Dr. Liz! You just don’t find that level of care, customer service, AND expertise in one business these days.

Dr Jones, You are a true gift! Genuinely caring, taking time for my questions to be fully answered AND taking time to fully numb me so no pain. Unbelievable, particularly having two at once! Yippeeeeee!

If you need a root canal, you need a Endodontist. If you need an Endodontist, I highly recommend this practice.

Dr. Jones has magic hands! I’ve heard some horror stories about root canals. Mine was easy and painless. Dr. Jones has a great manner to boot. They got me in the chair asap despite the covid shut downs and made it a stress free experience.

Dr. Jones was fantastic. I’ve had several root canals over the years and she was able to do it totally pain free!!! What an excellent doctor she is! Wonderful person, terrific experience.

I wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I am with Dr. Jones’ work on my root canal. She is an absolute artist.

Not only was the work itself efficient and painless, but the post-procedure recovery was excellent. With just one dose of acetaminophen after the work, I had only slight soreness that day from the Novocaine injection points, and no discomfort whatsoever at any time after that. No further analgesics were needed, and the tooth behaved itself. Dr. Pellegrini at Mondovi has now prepared the tooth for the final crown, and all is in excellent shape.

Thank you all, and especially Dr. Jones, for consistently excellent work, an attentive and caring attitude, and generally being outstanding.

I would give 100 stars if I could.

I have moved around a lot for work and have seen many different dentists, but NOBODY can compare to Dr. Jones. My nerves were high and I had a toothache that was 9/10 on the pain scale. From the moment I walked in the assistant was so nice and caring and let me know she was there for me and explained everything nice and thorough. When I met Dr. Jones, within two minutes I felt safe in her hands and my anxiety started to ease by the minute. She let me know her practice may not be able to fix my problem, but she was going to show the other two dentists in the practice my X-rays and would get back to me asap. She let me know right away I would absolutely not be in this pain over the weekend and prescribed me antibiotics and medication and said she would call me after the meeting with her colleagues and go over my options. Again- the more she talked, listened, and consoled me the better I felt. I have never met anyone, dentist Or otherwise, so calm and compassionate. My only complaint is that she isn’t a general dentist and I can’t see her more often.

She even gave me her cellphone number to let her know if I was still in any pain. WHO DOES THAT?

If you’re a nervous nelly like me, want honest and compassionate care, look no further.

Thank you Dr. Jones, you’re truly an angel.

Being treated by Dr. Jones has been an excellent choice for me. She made what would have otherwise been an anxiety filled experience not be so. I needed follow care and she was responsive to my needs. She went so far as to contact me on a Sunday after I texted her about my concerns. All my issues were prompt resolved the following Monday morning.
I highly recommend Dr Jones.

Plain and simple: if you have to get a root canal, Premier Endodontics is the place to go and Dr. Jones is the doctor to see. From the consultation through the actual root canal, she was kind, enthusiastic, gentle and informative. She explained everything that she was doing and ensured me that I would feel no pain and, believe it or not, I didn’t!

Dr. Jones genuinely cares about her job and her patients and it shows from beginning to end. I hope to never need a root canal again (knock on wood) but if I do, I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Premier Endodontics and be seen by Dr. Jones.

Simply put: the most pleasurable dental experience I have ever had. Not the slightest bit of discomfort or pain. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. There is no better place to go for a root canal.

I want to thank you so much for the amazing job you did on my root canal on Friday. I was not looking forward to it, having had a bad experience in the past… but you took the time to listen to me and my concerns and that meant so much.

The entire procedure was pain free and you were able to finish it in one hour! You are a kind and caring person and I would recommend you to anyone needing your expertise.

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